On Thursday 19th April, Charlotte Gilmartin, Olympic Speed Skater kindly visited Church Hill Middle School. We had an assembly with her, where she explained how she achieved her goals and never gave up. She inspired all of us to believe that even though things get tough we should never quit! She explained her journey from a Redditch school girl to Olympic athlete. Charlotte said that she did have some thoughts of giving up but her family and friends helped her strive thought and pursue her dream.

After that, we had the opportunity meet her in a small group to do a question and answer with her and get to know her as a person and find out how she did what she did. We asked her many questions such as: What is her diet like? Is it hard to balance her social life and skating life? What is it like travelling a lot and having to leave her family?

Then, we had the privilege to have a professional training session with her. She took us through some drills that she does daily, she also showed us the technique that she uses when she is on the skating rink. She taught us that to be a speed skater we had to have good reflexes, so she showed us some challenging exercises to improve ours.

Meeting Charlotte was a huge inspiration and we all loved her coming to visit, we hope to see her again soon.


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