Important Information – Face Coverings

Church Hill Middle School and all schools within the Central RSA Academies Trust completed a comprehensive risk assessment before opening to wider numbers of pupils in June 2020. 

These risk assessments have been regularly updated as required with new information and legislation. 

Following the government’s announcement of lockdown #3 in January 2021, the limited return to school of pupils and the introduction of testing, risk assessments have been reviewed in all schools with the following outcomes; 

Middle schools, including Church Hill Middle School, have introduced lateral flow testing for Year 7 and 8 pupils and staff. Staff wear face coverings outside the classroom. 

The risk assessments cover the following areas; 

  1. Awareness of procedures and policies
  2. Hygiene practices in classrooms and public area
  3. Administering first aid to those presenting symptoms of COVID-19
  4. Managing suspected cases of COVID-19
  5. Spread of infection
  6. Clinically vulnerable staff
  7. Mental health concerns – staff
  8. Management of infectious diseases
  9. Governance and policy
  10. Vacant premises/re-opening of premises
  11. Emergency/fire evacuation
  12. Available capacity reduced by social distancing
  13. Organising small class groups
  14. Classroom based arrangements/class sizes
  15. Continued prioritisation of vulnerable pupils
  16. Pupils falling behind in learning
  17. Pupils eligible for free school meals
  18. Plans if staff numbers lower than required to teach classes
  19. Staff training
  20. Social distancing arrangements
  21. Pupil behaviour
  22. Transition planning
  23. Communication of Academy plans
  24. Academy building arrangements
  25. Contractors on site
  26. Costs of additional measures due to COVID-19
  27. Mental health concerns – pupils
  28. Transport arrangements.
  29. Onwards =Updates 

A weekly review takes place of all sections within the Risk Assessment and section 29 and all subsequent sections relate to additional control measures that have been added to the Risk Assessment following updated guidance, advice and that weekly review.