The Reach4Wellbeing Team is part of Starting Well Service which is run by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust. It promotes and supports emotional wellbeing for children and young people aged 5-19 years old. We offer short-term group support programmes for those experiencing emotional difficulties, specifically anxiety, low mood and self-harm.

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What we do?

The Reach4Wellbeing Team will initially focus on group programmes for children and young people experiencing mild to moderate anxiety.

Our future plan is to offer short-term group programmes to children and young people experiencing low mood and/or self-harm.

 Kooth counselling

Children or young people aged 10-25 who feel they need more immediate help and/or would like to access on-line support, can contact This is a free online counselling service with qualified counsellors which can be accessed anonymously. You can use this service Mon- Fri from midday until 10pm and Sat – Sun 6pm – 10pm

Where do we work?

We will offer group sessions in schools during term time.  These sessions will be evidenced based and tailored to the needs of different age groups.

Who can access Reach4Wellbeing?

  • The child/young person is aged between 5 to 19 years old.
  • The child/young person lives in Worcestershire.
  • The child/young person will have received initial support regarding the issue(s) that you are contacting us about.
  • We ask that the support is a minimum of five sessions from school/college, School Health Nurse and/ or services such as Family Front Door, or Kooth.
  • Referrals can be made by parents/carers and professionals.
  • Young people aged 13 years and over can refer themselves.

We are unable to accept referrals:

  • If the child/young person is currently engaged in face to face counselling/therapy for their anxiety with another service other than Kooth.
  • Is currently under or is waiting to be seen by CAMHS.
  • Is currently undergoing or awaiting assessment with the Umbrella service.
  • Has a previous history of attempts to overdose or take own life (if this occurred over 12 months ago and you feel this young person is suitable for this service please contact us).
  • Has a diagnosis of conduct disorder or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, even where the anxiety maybe felt to not be due to ASD.
  • Is currently receiving support from the Youth Offending Service.

 How to make a referral (parents and children/young people)

  • If your child is aged 5 to 19 years and experiencing anxiety, parents/carers can make a referral to our service by emailing the Reach4Wellbeing team:
  • If you are aged 13 to 19 years and are experiencing anxiety you may refer yourself to the service by emailing the Reach4Wellbeing team:

To maintain confidentiality please only include the below in your email:

  • your first name
  • name of school attended
  • your contact number
  • the best times to contact you between 8.30am and 4.30pm
  • The best days to contact you.
  • Please do not provide details of why you are referring

Once we receive your referral:

A member of the Reach4Wellbeing team will contact you within 5 working days to complete a referral form over the phone; this will take about 20 – 30 minutes. Following telephone assessment should we both agree that the service is suitable for you we will arrange to contact you about the next available group.

How to make a referral (professionals and other agencies)

  • Professionals can refer children/young people who are primarily suffering from mild to moderate anxiety to the Reach4Wellbeing team using the Professionals and Agencies Referral Form.
  • Schools and External Agencies – Complete Professionals Referral form via Children’s Services Portal

All referrals need to have consent from the child/young person, and/or family before submitting the referral

In an Emergency

The Reach4Wellbeing Team is not an emergency service. If you require more immediate support please consider contacting your GP, dial 111 for advice and options, or 999 in an emergency or life threatening situation.

Child Protection/Safeguarding

If you are concerned that a child or young person is at immediate risk please contact the police 999.

If you or anyone else are concerned regarding the welfare of a child or young person, please contact the Family Front Door: phone: 01905 822666 Monday – Friday 8:30am-4.30pm

(Out of hours Emergency Duty Team) 01905 786020