Church Hill Middle School seeks to be…

A happy, purposeful and welcoming community, based on caring relationships and respect for each individual. We want our school to be an exciting and stimulating environment in which all are keen to work and learn. We are committed to providing each of our pupils with the best opportunity to develop their talents fully and to create a climate where the achievement and celebration of success are paramount.To achieve our mission we will:-

  • provide a safe, stimulating and challenging environment in which all members feel valued, develop a belief in themselves and find enjoyment in their learning;
  • encourage all to accept responsibility for their own learning and to have high expectations;
  • offer a challenging and enriching curriculum, at an appropriate level, which enables all to achieve their full potential;
  • encourage mutual respect and understanding of the feelings, opinions and abilities of others;
  • offer interesting experiences of cultural diversity;
  • encourage a caring and responsible attitude towards our immediate and wider environment;
  • develop spiritual, personal and moral values;
  • value and promote music, the expressive and performing arts and sport as an important part in the life of every pupil;
  • encourage high standards of work and behaviour, regular attendance, good punctuality and smart appearance;
  • ensure continuity of educational provision through maintaining strong links with other schools;
  • be proud of our achievements.