Thank you for the interest you have shown in Church Hill Middle School. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the rich opportunities for learning and personal development that we offer our pupils. We are a small purpose-built middle school with excellent facilities. We know our children well and visitors tell us we have created a caring and nurturing atmosphere in which each child is special and accepted. We place great emphasis on working hard and on enjoyment as well as on academic success.We are committed to enabling all of our pupils to become:

  • Successful learners – pupils who take responsibility fortheir own learning, gain independence and engage fullywith their learning opportunities.
  • Confident individuals – pupils who embrace all aspects of school life with enthusiasm and who are able to live happy, safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Responsible citizens – pupils who take responsibility for their own actions, show respect in all relationships andmake positive contributions to school and thewider community.

Top Epraise Pupils of the week

Friday 17th July:

(Results are for the top 3 scores to a maximum of 10 pupils)

Year 5

Amber Mills: 23 (5FH)
Lily Blake: 20 (5FH)
Ema Bartekova: 14 (5FH)
Lanie Meadows: 14 (5FH)
Jessica Cokayne: 14 (5FH)



Year 6

Cloe Kindon: 10 (6G)
Jack Burdon: 10 (6G)
Jessica Shergold: 8 (6G)
Lauran Phelan: 8 (6G)
Anthony Farmer: 7 (6G)


Year 7

Karenza Holdstock: 8 (7C)
Isabel Cox: 5 (7C)
Abbie Smith: 4 (7C)


Year 8




Attendance for week ending Friday 17th July:
Year 5: 91.69%
Year 6: 92.82%
Year 7: 94.64%
Year 8: 91.90%



Summer Holidays!


Goodbye to all our Year 8 pupils. Good luck and all the best of success for the future.


Welcome to our new Year 5 pupils.


School is open for pupils on: 

Monday 7th September 2015




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